• It is Easy to use; the get, the active, you enter the CASHPINSAFE code and ready
  • It is completely safe; No need to disclose critical data (bank accounts, or expose your credit card or debit card). The CASHPINSAFE system is protected by SSL encryption of 2048 bits.
  • Very easy to obtain; Obtained in different outlets within easy reach, as gas stations, stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, and many more.
  • The amounts are pre-established; cards have a set amount and easy access to the pocket, the user can obtain the approximate amount that you need to make the purchase or payment, and the difference will be in your account as savings.
  • Thanks to CASHPINSAFE many people can shop online; Many people who have the desire to buy online, but you do not have this possibility due to not having a credit card or debit card may do so, which will expand the online market in the world.