CashPinSafe: «Our culture is the Security»
For us, safety is paramount. CASHPINSAFE is completely safe; is not required to disclose critical data (bank accounts, or expose your credit card or debit) plus our system is protected by SSL encryption 2048 bits we have the highest safety standard. And to help prevent security issues, we have summarized here the most important information about safety when pay online.


Unfortunately, there are always unscrupulous people online trying to access foreign balances Cashpin. Therefore:

  • Enter your Cashpin only authorized web shops (Associated Enterprises), to accept our payment system.
  • Never send your Cashpin for email, nor reveal the phone.

Important: The authorities, institutions, lawyers or courts are not contractually linked web stores. No matter if you're using your computer or mobile: Do not listen to any request never pay fines or fees injunction with Cashpinsafe! If in doubt, contact the customer service team: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

1. Recently they have released the following attempted fraud:
Computer Virus police: In which payment of a 'fine' by Cashpinsafe requested. The computer virus police ask affected users pay a “fine” or, otherwise, threaten to erase the hard drive. If your computer is affected, a popup window in which a payment or penalty is sought, inter alia as cashpinsafe PIN opens. Please note that at present, no cashpinsafe used as payment for the police or lawyers or courts. Therefore, never don´t listen to such requests! You can find more information about virus attacks in:

2. Trojan 'Windows Update' asked to install a Windows license fee.
If your computer is affected, a window of "Windows Update" in which it is threatened with a loss of your data is opened. Then you are asked to acquire a Windows license fee. Supposedly, the license should avoid you lost your data. The update must be paid with PIN cashpinsafe. Do not mind never to this request! You can find more information on the subject of attacks by Trojans on:

Tips to protect you:
How I can recognize fraudulent malware?
Having the best tools antivirus, antimalware, firewall and anti-Trojans on your computer does not necessarily mean you're protected 100% of malware. The most important to recognize the malicious software tools are your own common sense and careful management of the files you sent via email or you can download from websites. In most cases, Trojans and other malware can be recognized by windows download and other processes that do not appear in the "normal emails." If this is the case, the first thing you should do is:

  • Interrupt the Internet connection to prevent data transfer. Since the Trojan nest in the system immediately after execution.
  • You must delete all files and calls to programs you created the Trojan in question. For this there cleaning programs for malicious software, also called "removers". Generally, antivirus software manufacturers offer them for free.


Beware of suspicious activity on your account.

The security of your account has the highest priority, especially should make sure that only you also provided access to your emails, and your email address may be used to reset your password or for purposes of communication about safety your account.

Whether you hire a public computer they have access to several people own computer or to use your account cashpinsafe should always ensure that data logon are not stored in your browser and who do not register in any buffer or otherwise.

If you detect activities and / or suspicious transactions on your account, immediately change the password of your account! Important: You must notify us immediately of any suspicious behavior associated with your account so we can lock your balance and protect against unauthorized access. This is especially valid in case you cannot change the password of your account.

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To lock your account, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 1 803 692 7253, and describe us the case. Important information for us to improve our security is that explain us why you think you have hacked your account. To do so, indicating for example if you have provided your data to third parties, if you have suffered in your computer Trojan attack or if you have made payments from your account without your knowledge.


Follow these tips for safe use and so scammers have no chance,

  • Cashpinsafe is as safe and practical as the cash ... and just as valuable. If you facilitate your Cashpin to third parties, you are allowing them to those people who access your account balance. Therefore, handle your Cashpin of Cashpinsafe and your access my cashpinsafe with the same care you put the handle cash.
  • Payment accepted points
    The web address of the payment window begins with https: // the security certificate was issued for  You can check this by clicking the lock icon is in the input bar of your browser or adjacent to it. Contact the technical support team Cashpinsafe if you have any doubt whether a website is trustworthy. We would be pleased to check before you make the payment if the website is a point accepted by Cashpinsafe.
  • The latest safety standards
    When making payments cashpinsafe, the security of your data is of the highest priority. Encrypt all data transferred during a session using one of the highest standards of security, SSL 2048 bits. This encoding is virtually irreducible because 340.282.366.920.938.463.463.374.607.431.768.211.456² possible combinations exist exactly.
  • How to buy cashpinsafe
    Buy Cashpinsafe only official point of sale. You can find them by searching for point of sale Cashpinsafe and cashpinsafe App. You'll also find the logos of the POS on the website of cashpinsafe. It is forbidden to sell, buy and trade Cashpin of cashpinsafe through unauthorized Internet platforms as ex. Bags barter. Therefore, you should never try to buy cashpinsafe in online market sites such as Amazon, eBay, craiglist, Mercado libre, Olx. PIN cashpinsafe not exchange through various web, internet platforms, bags barter or forums. Both sales PIN cashpinsafe in unauthorized websites as exchange business often have fraudulent intentions. Cashpinsafe you cannot ensure that you receive in them a valid PIN cashpinsafe. If you purchase PIN cashpinsafe a platform for Internet / bag barter unauthorized cashpinsafe you cannot offer a refund.
  • Preserving Cashpinsafe safely
    Never give strangers the PIN code of 16 digits of your Cashpinsafe or your login details to my Cashpinsafe. Enter your PIN or your data only payment on a page of our associates for Cashpinsafe access. The customer service team only asks you the serial number and the PIN never full cashpinsafe.
  • Locking the balance of cashpinsafe
    If you have lost your cashpinsafe or I'll have stolen, you can lock it. Immediately call our hotline at number 1 803 692 7253, 24/7, To block you need the serial number of the affected cashpinsafe, your email address, last four digits or letters of your password and your phone number. The customer service team will be responsible to tell you how to proceed.
  • How to block access to my cashpinsafe
    If you suspect abuse is occurring with your access my cashpinsafe you can block it without delay. To do this, immediately call our hotline at number 1 803 692 7253, 24/7.